TV Timer BOB

Too much screen time? TV Timer BOB to the Rescue!

TV Timer BOBParenting is a skill process involving trying to balance a child’s development process on issues of health, psychological development and educational benefits. Every parent wants their child to grow up in good health; they also care about their emotional balance as well as give them the best education. But how do all these important elements in a child’s upbringing play out in their exposure to screen time?
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Chicco Keyfit

The #1 rated infant car seat.

Traffic accidents are a leading cause of death in children in the US. What can you do to best protect your own child?

The Chicco Keyfit is the #1 Rated Infant Car SeatOf course everyone loves, and wants to protect their children. It is indeed very saddening that the United States is one of the unluckiest countries, where infants and children under 12 years of age lost their precious lives in major motor vehicle incidents. This is much too common in the U.S. these days. As a Paranoid Parent, this can easily give you nightmares every time you buckle your little-one in.
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Bristle Free Grill Brush

Bristle-free, Worry-free grilling with the Brushtech Double Helix Brush

Here comes Summer, and with it family gatherings and grilled everything seems like a great idea. Once it is time to clean the barbecue where you roasted your specialty steaks/burgers/hot dogs you grab that trusty old grill cleaner.

The most common thing to do the cleaning is to use a metal bristle BBQ brush. Scraping that grill clean with a metal bristle brush is actually putting your family in danger. These bristles have caused more accidents around the world than you might believe.
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Razor Jetts Review

Razor Jetts Heel Wheels

A picture of Razor Jetts

Every year a few new crazes run through the schools and the new “must have” items end up on the wishlist of our kids. You only have to walk through the school hallways, go to the park or even walk down the street to see kids zipping by with some type of wheeled shoes. We wanted to take a look at the strap on heel wheels called Razor Jetts.

Our youngest daughter has been asking for Heelys for a while but we haven’t bought them for her as they are quite pricey. Add the fact that she is still growing, we did not want to fork out that much money for shoes that she would only be able to wear for one season. Once we saw these alternative to Heelys we thought we would check them out. The best thing we saw about these strap on wheels, is that she would be able to use them for a lot longer and for a lot cheaper.

Razor Jetts target children in their advertising, obviously, but of course we want to look at them from a parent’s perspective. If we compare them directly against other shoes that have wheels built in there are some benefits, but real differences.

  • The wheels strap on securely instead of being built in
  • There are 2 wheels instead of 1 per shoe for increased stability
  • They can be removed to enable proper walking and running which is not an option with built in wheels
  • They generate sparks when pressing down on the heel on cement, but the spark pads can be easily removed

Razor Jetts Specifications:

  • The Recommended Max Rider Weight is 176 lb
  • Age rating is 8+
  • Available in an assortment of Colours and some specialty themes
  • They are quite light at 1.21 lbs. So, they can be easily taken anywhere.
  • They fit shoe sizes from youth 12 through adult 12 (US sizes)
  • Quick click frame
  • Quick hook and loop strap system allows you to put them on quickly
  • Great low price starting at around $25 (USD) (November 2017)
  • Buy new or used on Amazon for quick, easy shopping

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Something else that is great about them is there is no assembly required. They are ready to go out of the box!This is great because who has time when you have kids to try and figure out how to put these things together!

The wheels are a proprietary 50 mm urethane wheel with sealed bearings. So they shouldn’t rust. Just be sure that if they do get wet to let them dry properly so that they last longer.

The frame is made from a heavy-duty polymer. So it is a strong, stable frame that should last for a long time (if properly used). The frame features what they call a “quick click” frame with hook and loop strap. This allows them to be very quickly put on or removed by even the kids themselves. This I find to be one of the best features as a parent. If there is something that they can do themselves and it will entertain them for hours, it is perfect! When your kids are ready to go they just step in, strap down and take off.

The strapping allows easy adjustment for different shoe sizes. This is a terrific benefit since as every parent knows, kids tend to outgrow their shoes FAST.

Razor Jetts Safety

Of course safety is a priority at so we have a few tips for that as well. Any time your kids are on wheels they need extra protection from the increased speed and reduced control inherent with wheels. We recommend a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads at a minimum, and gloves would also be a great idea. Razor also provides these safety items here on Amazon.

Razor as a company has a lot of experience building quality equipment with wheels. It is clear from when you first strap them on that they are not cheap toys but they are quality heel wheels.

Where to buy Razor Jetts

If you are shopping online for Razor Jets, Amazon carries them and offers free shipping. There are several other online vendors but I have always been extremely happy with the level of service provided by Amazon.

=> Order Razor Jetts from today!

Final Verdict: Razor Jetts Heel Wheels

With adequate protection we feel like these are a great alternative, decently priced, easy to use and adjustable. If your offspring is begging for some shoes with wheels these are a great choice.

– The Paranoid Parents

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