Bristle Free Grill Brush

Bristle-free, Worry-free grilling with the Brushtech Double Helix Brush

Here comes Summer, and with it family gatherings and grilled everything seems like a great idea. Once it is time to clean the barbecue where you roasted your specialty steaks/burgers/hot dogs you grab that trusty old grill cleaner.

The most common thing to do the cleaning is to use a metal bristle BBQ brush. Scraping that grill clean with a metal bristle brush is actually putting your family in danger. These bristles have caused more accidents around the world than you might believe.

Why are common metal brushes dangerous?

Regular grill cleaning brushes have thick wires that can fall onto the grill unnoticed. The next time you prepare food on the grill, these bristles can easily get stuck to the food. If someone in your family, especially a child, had the misfortune to eat a bite with this wire, it can cause damage in many different ways that can be very dangerous to their health.

It can start as a slight abdominal pain and get stronger with the passing of the hours. People may ignore these symptoms. If this person goes several days or even weeks, it could have serious consequences, possibly the perforation of one or several organs of the digestive system, or even death. In 2010 just one American hospital had to remove wire bristles from 6 patients in 18 months!

A safe grill cleaning brush with no bristles.The Paranoid Parents solution

Now that we know how dangerous cleaning with conventional brushes or wire brushes can be, what is the Paranoid Parent alternative: We need a safe grill brush.

We turned to the Brushtech Double Helix Grill Brush. This will help you clean your BBQ grill effectively without any danger to your children, friends, or other family members. This great product has two springs that with twisted in wire, so 2 continuous bristles.

The Brushtech Double Helix removes the most difficult grease and food residues which adhere to it. The brush spring bends and flexes for a deeper cleaning of your grill gratings. The 21” version gives you some extra leverage, and protection, if you are cleaning a hot grill. A grill brush without bristles, that still cleans the BBQ.

What do people say about the Brushtech Double Helix?

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My opinion is summed up in a couple of thoughts:

  • It is a bristle-free barbecue brush, so it is safe.
  • It cleans the grill.
  • No it does not clean as good as a bristle brush, but refer to the first and most important point, it is safe.

For most people, the Brushtech Double Helix, is an excellent cleaning option. Many people are very happy with this grill brush, and especially happy that it is much safer.

Where can I buy the Brushtech Double Helix grill brush? carries the Brushtech Double Helix grill brush, well worth the price for the peace of mind.

Final Verdict: Brushtech Double Helix

Yes! The Brushtech Double Helix is the Paranoid Parent choice for safe grill cleaning.

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– The Paranoid Parents

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