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The #1 rated infant car seat.

Traffic accidents are a leading cause of death in children in the US. What can you do to best protect your own child?

The Chicco Keyfit is the #1 Rated Infant Car SeatOf course everyone loves, and wants to protect their children. It is indeed very saddening that the United States is one of the unluckiest countries, where infants and children under 12 years of age lost their precious lives in major motor vehicle incidents. This is much too common in the U.S. these days. As a Paranoid Parent, this can easily give you nightmares every time you buckle your little-one in.

According to studies revealed by the major American Institutes, around 600 children lose their lives in some kind of car accident each year. Of course nobody ever thought that this could happen to their beloved children. You must be thinking, what is the solution? And how can I protect my child from life-stealing motor vehicle accidents?

Parents are supposed to think deeply about their children, and take precautions which can provide safety to their children in the most effective yet efficient manner. Parents should always opt for those products which are designed with sheer perfection in mind, and can provide maximum benefits.

This is a real life picture of our van after our accident!

This was a few years ago, and we didn’t have any infants at the time, but from the damage you can tell it was a life-changing experience. All five of us were in the van when we crashed.

There is nothing that is quite like checking on your children after a high-speed accident to see if everyone is OK. Every nightmare plays through your mind. Everyone survived, but there were a few injuries.

Only the best baby car seat for these Paranoid Parents…

Chicco Keyfit Super CinchSometimes only the best is an option, and when it comes to our kids and their safety I always want the best. As the #1 rated baby car seat the Chicco Keyfit provides maximum safety to children during an accident to prevent severe injuries. Sometimes it gets hard to fit a baby seat into a vehicle, however the infant baby seats designed by Chicco is “The Easiest Car Seat to Install”. Utilizing ReclineSure, RideRight, and SuperCinch allows the safer use of a wider variety of vehicles, giving you a secure fit.

Chicco Keyfit's ReclineSureThese baby car seats are designed with sheer perfection in mind & aim to give high level of comfort to the baby. There is no doubt that it is hard to find the best infant car seats because they are usually very highly priced, and they are not designed to accommodate the size of different babies. An Infant Insert is included for extra comfort and safety for babies form 4 to 11 pounds. The Chicco Keyfit can comfortably fit infants from 4 to 22 pounds, and is currently available and affordable at

Chicco Keyfit Infant Insert for extra comfort and safety.As the top rated baby car seat, Chicco KeyFit, it can give Paranoid Parents much needed peace of mind. The seat has built-in features that aim to give clear understanding to the parents about the usage of the seat, and how the infant babies should be removed, placed and harnessed inside the baby infant seat. Toll-free Customer Service is available to address any problems or questions you may have.

A car seat for vehicles without a LATCH system.

Another feature of this car seat is the ability to accommodate vehicles without a LATCH system. Using a built-in, belt routing, lock-off system Chicco Keyfit can secure the infant car seat without a LATCH. Of course a LATCH connection can be used if available, and is a Push-on model. The LATCH connection is one of the most important features of baby infant seats, but at least you do have the option.


With tons of reviews, and a great star rating on Amazon, you know you are getting a product you can trust.

“Simple to install and remove for on the go parents. Love the quality material which is easy to clean. Comfort & fashionable styles are a big plus!”

– SatisfiedMom

“It’s the best!
We love this car seat! It’s highly rated (#1 from what we found), it’s easy to put into the car, it looks great (the black material has a subtle pattern that makes it look really rich) and it’s a good price. All things considered, I would recommend this seat to anyone. You won’t be disappointed.”

– margie

“Fabulous, look no further
Great car seat, SAFE, easy to install and to pull the straps snug on your little one. Picked this one as only infant seat that fit in car with 2 other car seats (if you have more than one child). Switched to Diono convertible but so tough to tighten went back to Chicco. Highly recommend. Travels well but tight fit on airplane seat.”

– mrsG

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Final Verdict: Chicco Keyfit

Yes! The Chicco Keyfit is the #1 Rated for safety, and as a Paranoid Parent, the absolute best baby car seat is really the only option.

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– The Paranoid Parents

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