Too much screen time? TV Timer BOB to the Rescue!

TV Timer BOBParenting is a skill process involving trying to balance a child’s development process on issues of health, psychological development and educational benefits. Every parent wants their child to grow up in good health; they also care about their emotional balance as well as give them the best education. But how do all these important elements in a child’s upbringing play out in their exposure to screen time?

There is no doubt; technology is an important factor in a child’s development. One of such technology that has a great impact on the majority of kids is the “screen”. The television is everywhere, video games and computers, and children love to spend time with these gadgets all day long.

Parents are worried too much screen time isn’t good for their kids, and there are very real concerns about too much screen impacting children’s development. The need for development and care not to adversely affect the child becomes a point to consider in taking drastic measure to reduce screen time.

TV Timer BOBTime is an essential element in everyone’s life including the kids. Children are not good time managers unless they get help from their parents. There is time for everything and every day such time has to be well managed among various things a child needs to accomplish for a successful day. There should be time for play, study, sleep, helping in the house, doing homework, time for food and many more things. Screen time affects development if not well managed. Although helping kids manage their time may look daunting, there is no problem without a solution, and screen time management can be found in TV Timer BOB.

For parents in the US and Canada, TV Timer BOB is a handy tool to help you manage your kids screen time efficiently, to avoid too much screen time, and portion their time among various daily activities to balance out. If perhaps you are new to TV Timer BOB here is brief information you need to know.

TV Timer BOB is a device that helps parent manages their kids’ time using the TV, Video Game, and the Computers. The device is designed, so the gadgets power cord is plugged into the back of BOB and locked in place, while BOB is in turn connected to an electrical outlet and set up.

The purpose of BOB is to enforce use time for each of the gadget plugged to it and defined by a parent. That means the parents decide the acceptable use time for each device and program in into BOB. BOB can manage up to 6 users and one parent user. Each user will have a four digit PIN to turn on their attached device. It has a master PIN to override and turn on any equipment as needed at any time. Such override power can be use as incentives by a parent to compensate a child that is obedient and follow the plan. BOB will shut off a user whose preset time has expired to enforce the viewing time, and the user cannot turn it on until the set time is available.

No more worrying about too much screen time for your children. TV Timer BOB is the answer.


With tons of reviews, and a great star rating on Amazon, you know you are getting a product you can trust.

“I own 2 of the BOB units and they have been excellent. I recommend them to anyone. The BOB handles it all even if a kid tries to tamper with it. Thanks for the awesome product!”

– James G.

“I would like to say that I love your product and it has done wonders for our family.  Our kids of course think it’s the spawn of the devil, but that doesn’t bother us one bit 🙂  Thanks!”

– Joe A.

“I own 2 of the TV BOB timers and I love, love, love them!! Thank you very much.”

– Deb B.

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Final Verdict: TV Timer Bob


  • Easy to use
  • Eliminate arguments about time
  • Rest in the fact you know EXACTLY how much screen time your kids are getting

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