Chris and Lynn Marks are The Paranoid Parents. We are currently in the process of getting 3 children into adulthood. With 2 natural children and one adopted child, we have been through our fair share of parenting crises. From car accidents, to disease, to stitches, to broken bones.

We started The Paranoid Parents blog to provide helpful information and tips to other paranoid parents.  Our hope is that by sharing our thoughts and suggestions maybe we can help out a fellow parent. We give high importance to your views and consider your feedback as one of the most significant factors in our growth. There is certainly no doubt in the fact that the safety of your child is highly precious for us. Our priority is to give premium quality information, and help parents get their children safe and healthy from conception to adulthood.

Be sure to check on our first article about the #1 rated child car seat. Having been through a very serious accident ourselves this is a topic very close to our hearts.

If you have any suggestions on topics, or products, to discuss we would love to hear from you! Please send us your ideas or comments below!

– Chris and Lynn Marks – The Paranoid Parents