JB Kidz Club Books

JB Kidz Club Books

Great reads for kids!

Four Times the Fun with JB Kidz club four awesome children books that are all note-worthy of grabbing for all the kids out there!

The newest alphabet book with a twist comes in “Amazing Animal Funphabets”. It’s a far cry from the usual stuff that we’ve seen in other pre-school learning tools. It introduces a more exciting fun way to learn alphabets!

It’s a colorful, vibrant, and cheery book with new animals to discover and learn. Its author, Athena Goodman used amusing rhyming answers that has beautiful illustrations. It’s an ABC’S with a story about Jayanzi and his adventures with the letters and the animals!

There is the much-needed creative charm that works very well with the Mnemonic style that’s a very clever way to learn as it would work as an aid tool for the children to learn through memory retention. 

Kids will remember an idea or phrase, the pattern of letters, numbers, or other beneficial learnings. Truly, the best way to teach kids ABC’S today.

It’s available in E-BOOK and has paperback copies too.


The next book in the line-up will teach the kids about the values of love and loyalty.  A nicely written and illustrated book that has JR, the adorable terrier in center stage along with his other animal friends in Poochville.

“JR TERRIER and The Big Break” tells the story of the adventures of JR and how he could cope up with the new-found opportunities presented to him. Will he be able to keep his feet on the ground? Or will success go into his head?

It’s an enjoyable and fast-paced book that kids don’t want to put down so they could come along as JR follows his dreams.

At the end of the book, there is an interactive test for the kid’s reading and comprehension skills.  JR has more antics in  “JR Terrier and the Message”, “JR Terrier and the Snow Storm”,  and “JR Terrier and the Pet Emporium.”


Are you ready for Jeremiah?  Meet him at “Bunnyland of Crisis”.  He is your unique-purple-colored rabbit that others find unusual. It’s not only his color but the strange food he loves to eat.This story has a verystrong message to teach the kids. It’s the acceptance that everyone is different and change is always possible.

It’s a very engaging book that has the perfect flow of the story along with amazing illustrations. Although, sometimes it might be hard to be different.  But in the end, the other bunnies accepted Jeremiah for all that he is.

Also available in E-Book and paperbacks.


Find out if Jason could convince mom that he did well. What do you think? Did he?

“If Grades Were a Zoo” is about Jason’s magical adventure! Is it just his imagination or is it for real? Be there to be the judge if Jason is doing well. Learn along with him and hope with him that his grades don’t suck at all.


Available in E-Book and audiobooks.

For bulk orders and collaborations, Please check the contact details below:

Athena Goodman

Author – “The 7th Riddle,” and

“#Funphabets – Amazing Animal Funphabets”

 (781) -492-0959 (cell)


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